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What have they got to hide?

Saturday, 12 November 2016

28. Violent druggies... Not the brightest.

Seems the drug addicts and child abusing perverts of Aberdeenshire are reduced to tactics more befitting of a rather sad, educationally-challenged ten-year-old these days. When they're not stalking and frightening the life out of young girls of course...

Unit *C, *** *** Business Park, ****** of ***, Aberdeen AB23 ***  


The former (a works internet system) is where various abusive posts and emails originated from (not just to me, but others also), and the two numbers are mobiles which were used to place crank calls...  Both 'witheld numbers' but that doesn't phase those who actually do have the technical knowledge and resources to track these things. - Police Scotland for instance.

And yes, we do actually have the full details of those numbers and the address - it's just inappropriate to post them publicly. There is also a recording of an voice that few would mistake. The Police are quite interested in this "course of conduct" though! It's just what they needed! We're confident they'll be having words with the owners of a certain 'engineering firm' very shortly. As well as others of course. It's 'chilly' up north I hear.

Tick Tock.  And a wee quick tip for the clock watchers...  You don't seriously think you're going down for anything trivial do you?  - These wee things do add up though.