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What have they got to hide?

Saturday, 23 December 2017

An unexpected postscript...

As the emails won’t let up (don’t waste your time; I’m now just deleting them en masse and unread) and speculation is rife, I do feel the need to comment here and close this issue down.

Predictably perhaps, nine months of silence on issues surrounding the Hollie Greig case - and the Hampstead hoax - wasn't enough to quell the obsessions of those who have reason to  fear the knock of the big red key at their door... 

On and on and on they droned. Obsessed, fixated, desperate...

Mind you, even the preceding two year silence between the hacking of the can of worms blog, and the start of this one, hadn't been enough.  -Especially when the prospect of prosecution of certain members of their cohort entered the pipeline.  

Four days after I last posted here, my daughter – a young woman in her early 20s – was alone, in the evening, at a property we own near Edinburgh. Following a disturbance, she became, with good reason, concerned for her own safety and mine, even though I was out working at the time…

Consequently, she called the police in accordance with past standing advice we have received from them; they attended promptly.  Meanwhile, Traffic Officers rendezvoused with me where I was working and advised they were instructed that they were to escort me back for my protection.   As I was obviously distressed by this situation, one of the officers suggested it would be better if he drove my vehicle back with the police car following.  – I agreed.

That’s it…  All you need to know. No more detail will be released by me.

Yes, it does speak much that this took place on a Saturday night and on the weekend before the Christmas break when resources are stretched. And yes, the matter is being taken seriously. But I do call for an end to the vapid fishwife gossip locally, and speculation generally, as it really doesn’t help where there might be an ongoing investigation.

Also- It's really not your business!

As they prove daily by their endlessly ongoing rants - certain individuals - unhinged people - are obsessed. And the opinion that they are dangerous too, is well founded. Clearly, they are becoming ever-more fearful as reports of fantasists and perverts being jailed roll in from both sides of the border... the desperation is almost palpable.

Again, it's not so long ago that an individual was dealt with after making an 'unwelcome visit' to my premises; to which the 'Player Queen' Ogilvy responded - quite unprompted - that 'he didnae send onybody as he widnae huv tae.'

But - who asked Malky?  Who said anyone 'sent' this intruder? What's it got to do with Malky?

...I've pointed out elsewhere that, as quick as he was to react in that way, I have never given any indication as to the identity of the miscreant in question.  - The butt-hurt  loser doth indeed protest too much methinks! 

And for clarity, I provide no indication of the suspected identities of those behind this latest incident either... 

Although, judging from what Mad Malky has written on the subject, it appears he knows a great deal about it; so much so that he is able to make categorical statements as to what is truth and what is 'lie'. Malky, it seems, is able to tell the world what happened and what did not happen!  - Very odd for someone who claims to have been a great many miles away, visiting a sick relative at the time! 

The point being that, if he knows nothing about the incidents - or for that matter the crank phone calls and other harassment - in what way is he qualified to speak about them?

As to the desperate criminal dreamers who are spreading defamatory rumours about my being arrested for driving under the influence... 

Really? It's hardly likely! Talk abut 'deflection and projection' - especially coming from a feckless drug addict!  Don't judge others by your own sewer standards.  

Factually, I haven't even set foot in a pub in over six years - and have never crossed the threshold of my local pub... Not tee-total, but nor am I a drinker per se...

Of course, projecting onto others the accusation that they are 'drunks' is yet another of Mad Malky's traits...  We see he often fires that accusation at a particular woman with whom he is also fixated, and regularly stalks...  Which, as I've said given that he himself is a drug addict and advocate of illegal substances - is almost funny!

For clarity,  simply 'Google' what actually happens when a person is caught drink-driving.  They're not provided with a police chauffeur or driven home. They're arrested and placed in a cell until they can face the court. At which point their licence is suspended pending trial

It's not uncommon for the vehicle to be impounded either, as driving under the influence breaches the terms of many insurance policies and leads to the vehicle's insurance being invalidated which, in turns, means it cannot even remain parked on a public road.

For those that doubt that, here's a (rather nicely made) public information film...

And yet all my cars (being a 'worthless failure' of course, I own and regularly drive a few) are all parked outside, and plainly in use... By me!

I've held a clean driving licence for some 38 years or so, been an advanced driver for over 32 of those years, and am certain that it will stay clean. And I'm also happy in the knowledge that - unlike most of those pointing the fingers - I have no criminal record of any kind, nor likelihood of gaining one.

Additionally, Ogilvy should note that I don't send emails to low life criminal vermin such as himself...  Nor the sort of scum he keeps company with. So I've really no idea what he's talking bollocks about in that respect - just another stupid lie I think  Malky... 

Clearly he does imagine the rest of the world is as thick as he is!

And it matters not how often he re-posts the drivel authored by his good friend and cohort Greg Lance-Watkins.  - As 'fake news' goes, it's a pretty weak, pathetic  and desperate "STORY" anyway;   - And in all respect  irrelevant, as nobody has to take just my word for anything anyway...

For clarity - the antics of both little Greggy and Mad Malky (and other scum) are easily verified and cross-checked via numerous sources; most often through their own butt-hurt whining about how the consequences of their ludicrous actions have affected them - and the childishly stupid tales they make up to justify their- sometimes criminal - antics. 

So, you don't have to take my word for it at all... Just do your own research. And do note that various of these nutjobs seem to be being prosecuted on a near-daily basis. 

Next… I take issue with those that seem (out of boredom or what?) to have taken to the Hoaxtead Research discussion board to goad them.  Yes, predictably, certain fixated members there do seem hell-bent on proving the point(s) I made in my last post. – As indeed does Malcom Konrad Ogilvy. But what possible reason is that to sink to their level?

Don’t become a part of the problem… Don’t engage!

One of the tiny grains of truth at the centre of the Hollie Greig case is that at its heart, there are a group of individuals who were (in some cases may still be) involved in unsavoury things.  Some of those things are illegal. Others are just downright  disgusting… The ‘car keys in the rosebowl’ swinging brigade, ‘readers wives’ types and the various sorts of freaks who attend sex clubs such as the Violate etc. Weirdos the lot of them!

But here's the rub; mostly, the only people they are hurting are themselves.

Personally, I have no interest in ‘exposing’ such individuals unless they have done something that takes them beyond certain boundaries – that is to say they have actually committed a sex crime – as opposed to being just an affront to civilised, decent behaviour.

Indeed, I’ve made the point that the Hollie Greig case and Hampstead hoax each seem to be purposed as distractions to any serious investigation into to ‘underground sex’ scene; especially that which might ultimately lead to the exposure of serious wrongdoing.  

I’ve also made the point that Hoaxtead Research, Holliegreigjustice and indeed the many and various other conspiretard sites out there are each components of ‘online bitchfighting’ that is part and parcel of the overall ‘conspiritainment’ scene. 

If you concur with that view, why engage with them? As I’ve said before, there is no interest there in getting to any truth – quite the opposite.   – Just leave them to it! 

And - for the avoidance of doubt - no, I've NO interest in joining any 'forum' or 'action group'!