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What have they got to hide?

Monday, 23 February 2015

5. The rabbit hole.

5. The rabbit hole.

There is no doubt that the Hollie Grieg case has been driven deliberately and firmly down the rabbit hole of conspiracy theory. But Hollie Greig was sexually abused at one point in her unfortunate life and the system has failed her. Lessons need to be learned from that – and the authorities seem hell-bent on not doing so. Politics and politicians crane their ugly necks over most aspects of the Hollie Greig case with all roads curiously leading to the sustenance of that which fuels much if not most paedophilia in the United Kingdom.

Politically Scotland’s real shame is that (for instance) on the one hand a serving Labour politician in a position of great power and authority can be caught by two Police Officers and a member of the public, in a public place, fellating another man; and yet be allowed to return unfettered to that position of authority, free from prosecution or censure. While on the other hand an elderly fool with a partly-justified bee in his bonnet faces jail and financial ruin in order to make him simply shut up – simply because he rattled the wrong cages… 

That contrast alone tells you there is something very wrong with the fiefdom that is Scotland’s Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service...

Historically, sexual impropriety is a recognised tool of government; from the relatively innocent exploitation of Profumo to the sickeningly twisted cover ups surrounding Smith, Savile or the alleged ‘D’ notices surrounding Operation Ore and Blair’s war machine.  The United Kingdom’s shame is that it is run from a place where there has always been a ‘bad smell’ . Today the sheer stench of sexual perversion is overpowering and its use as a ‘lever’ of corruption sickening.  

We hear constant wailing about this… Particularly from the ‘alternative’ media…

We are warned how our Westminster government is in tow of the New World Order and an Illuminati hive. Queen Elizabeth herself, we are told, is the titular head of the Illuminati. Not only is she the Grand Patroness of Freemasonry, but heads the Order of the Garter, which is the parent organization over Free Masonry, worldwide…   

We are informed of Weishaupt’s Luciferian conspiracy:  one of the key tenets of which is to utilise monetary and sexual bribery to obtain control of men already in high places. The story goes that once influential persons have fallen for the temptations of the Illuminati, they are to be held in bondage by application of political and other forms of blackmail, threats of financial ruin, public exposure, physical harm or even death to themselves and loved ones…     

The ultimate aim is a one world government – the loss of our national boundaries and identities as we head towards a United States of Earth…

Travel a little further on from Weishaupt’s place and you will eventually reach a point where you’re being told of the Illuminati symbolism in the “Pink Elephants” segment of film “Dumbo”.  – I kid you not! Apparently God (at some point) will tell you that the elephants are symbolic of aliens and direct you to a YouTube film of David Icke & Credo Mutwa - The Reptilian Agenda (Part One) is three hours, thirty three minutes and fifty eight seconds of your life that you will simply  not get back!    

Rarely will you see so much mumbo-jumbo (no pun intended) gathered together in the one place.

Duly distracted you might be tempted to dismiss the tiny and troubling grains of truth in all of this nonsense… And that’s rather the point of it.

But then people in high places actually really are routinely controlled though monetary and sexual bribery. Our borders really are threatened by those who chant the mantra of globalism as is our wellbeing. Massive schemes actually do exist to control and constrain water supplies, the weather, the distribution of food and medical care. And children are routinely used and abused as playthings by the filthy beasts that sit like spiders at the centre of a complex cob-webbed network of filth that has engulfed much of Britannia and beyond.  

In all seriousness please do look at matters such as Cyril Smith, Jimmy Savile or Kincora to see the plain truth of all this… And see how bizarre – many would say puerile – ritual, role play and fantasy sits as a tool at the centre of all this.  As does English ‘public school’ culture with its sick ‘traditions’ such as ‘fagging’ and the cosseting of sexual deviancy.  – I am not referring here to mere homosexuality (although back in the days when society held that to be ‘deviant’ it was used as a means of blackmail) – Rather what I refer to is a culture where those in power are taught to subjugate others by any cruel or disgusting means possible. 

The Palace of Westminster, The Monarchy, Free Masonry… All these things sit at the centre of the reality we might identify as Weishaupt’s Luciferian conspiracy.  – Whether such a thing is driven by quasi-mysticism, bizarre religious cults and their rituals, the promotion of madness or control through exploiting the mental feebleness of drunks, druggies and perverts is immaterial. 

This system is simply rotten, perverted and stands as a threat to every right-thinking man, woman and child in this country and beyond. Not least the children who stand to be used as fodder for the twisted the deviant and the cruel…

Odd then that (as a mere ‘for instance’) those with a political bent – flying the false flag of concern over child abuse - have hijacked the Hollie Greig case with a pack of out-and-out lies designed to try and ‘damage’ the man who lead a campaign to free Scotland from the grip of ‘Pervert Central’ and place another national boundary in the way of the Illuminati; what was that theory about the entire Hollie Greig fiasco being a complex, orchestrated smokescreen ‘designed’ to draw the heat away from real issues of child abuse and failures within the child protection system?

Hollie Greig is really a political issue…  And much as most politicos would seek to underplay it they ignore this little storm in cyberspace at their peril. 

There remains in my view a good case to call upon the Scottish authorities to investigate Hollie’s case fully and thoroughly – not, I stress through some ‘lip service’ reopening of the Police investigation; wild geese are not on the menu.  The Hollie Greig case itself may be dead in the water, but there are secondary and tertiary matters leading from it that do need settled and which won’t be ‘going away’…  Not the least of which is recovering the Scottish justice system from the mire it has been dragged into by the ball Elish Angiolini set rolling…

Really, as a minimum, any overarching investigation into historical child abuse in Scotland must at least visit and properly acquit this troubling matter. We need clear answers…

i) Who actually defiled Hollie Greig? Even if we are left no further forward than what the CICA concluded, how did this situation come about? 

- Whether she was raped or the authorities simply failed to protect her – how did that happen? And there is a second victim of that failure?  There are very serious questions here that do need to be answered.  

ii) How many more ‘Hollies’ might there be out there? And what measures are there in place today to ensure that such a thing cannot happen again; even where parents seek to deflect an investigation into concerns of sexual abuse?

iii) Who are these people that seek so vociferously to hide and detract from the truth of the Hollie Greig case? What are their motivations? What lines of enquiry does an investigation into their background open? 

- As surely as Anne Greig’s extended allegations are a ‘devastating fantasy’ the evidence does point to some abuse of Hollie Grieg having taken place; the authorities have acknowledged this… What exactly is it these ‘Queen Gertrudes’ seek to deflect attention from and project guilt on to?

iv) Why – instead of acting in the interests of the Scottish people – did our justice system round on a half-mad conspiracy theorist with a bunch of lame trumped-up charges? 

- Clearly the Scottish authorities had to do ‘something’ in the light of the public reaction that the Hollie Greig case drew on social media.  But what possessed them to try and gag its critics instead of actually addressing and settling public concerns and acting in the interests of justice and the protection of the vulnerable?  In other words, why did Elish Angiolini’s Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service instigate an apparent Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation - more commonly called; a "SLAPP suit – against Robert Green?  - Have they something to hide or are they simpoly out of their depth? ...Stupid, bull-headed and not fit to be in office?

vi) Why, when Robert Green is hung out to dry, is the likes of Greg Lance Watkins seemingly immune from prosecution?

 - Factually it was he and NOT Green who first put the names of Hollie’s alleged abusers and her alleged co-abused live on the internet and he did so from the jurisdiction of England and Wales where the law is very clear. Even as Green was on his way to jail, Watkins maintained that publication. – It actually took hackers from the ‘pro-Hollie’ camp to break into Watkins blog and close it down!   Even then - the revolting cur simply put it back up again!

Is there some loophole in the law that should protect the anonymity of Scottish sexual assault victims which allows people like Watkins to abuse that right from his lair south of the border? And if so, when can the Scottish people expect it to be closed?
There are broader questions to be faced here too…

Do the people of Scotland not deserve something better than a justice system that lets those who indulge in affront to common decency off the hook just because they hold high office?

Do the people of Scotland not deserve something better than a justice system that, in contrast to the above, indulges in strategies that can only be interpreted as an attempt to place a ‘chilling effect’ on concerned members of the public (however misguided) who seek to make a stand against crime? Particularly crime of such a serious nature!

Do the people of Scotland who have had the misfortune to be victims of sex crimes not deserve to be protected against miscreants south of the border who would abuse their right to anonymity? 

Did Elish Angiolini – and I’ll stress here in the strongest possible terms that it was on her watch that the ball was set rolling, and once rolling it is almost impossible to stop -  set her fiefdom of the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal service persecute Robert Green out of incompetence? or was it sheer bloody-mindedness or worse personal malice?   

Or were perhaps her motives political? - She being the last to take up the post of Lord Advocate under direct political patronage…  And incumbent of the post during a period when an opposing party to that which put her in office held sway… Elish Angiolini - political cuckoo in the nest!

Whatever the motivations the COPFS actions in respect of Robert Green the Hollie Greig case they have had an utterly chilling effect on many who would speak out against child sexual abuse in Scotland and beyond…

It seems the book on Hollie Greig closes with more questions than answers.  What a safe haven Mockingbird Lane offers the sick-minded, the deviant the corrupt  and the downright dangerous.