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Sunday, 22 February 2015

2. Google who?

2. Google who?

Elish Angiolini has been supplied with just exactly the right ammunition she needed to dismiss the Hollie Greig case as just the ramblings of mad people and conspiracy theorists. How well-served she is by those that actually fear the grip of Paedophile-central – or Westminster as it’s better known - being broken. 

Google Hollie Greig today and you will primarily be taken to a couple of abandoned pro-Hollie sites not updated in a couple of years.  Just one remaining blog is active on a daily basis. Allegedly and apparently the work of some weed-addled ‘stoner’ with a chip on his shoulder, it rants and raves incoherently with a particular type of paranoia and obscurity consistent with being chemically induced; promoting a political and personal agenda masquerading as concern for the unfortunate Miss Greig and the befuddled Mr Green. It is no such thing in reality.  Rather, the blog in question is merely a confused knitting together of barely-grasped straws to construct a wicker man with which the author’s own needs are sated…  

Sad or sinister? I’m just not sure! Either way it’s not its author’s greenest day

The other side of the same coin is of course authored by individuals such as the odious Greg Lance-Watkins; from whom the odd ‘braying sound’ continues to be ‘heard’ on the subject… Again politically driven, and utterly obsessed with the obscene, he grubs around in his own dirt seeking to deflect and project his issues on everyone and anyone who might call him out. Then of course there are the ‘commercial presentations’ put out by ‘professional’ conspiracy theorists; the bizarre ‘aping’ of professional newscasts and odd quasi-newspapers; trying to ‘milk' the case. The conspiracy theory industry is now big business and very much of the establishment. 

Truly, the Hollie Greig case is lost in cyberspace!

It has been put to me very recently that the entire Hollie Greig fiasco – from protagonists to ‘hoax exposers’ alike – might have been a complex, orchestrated smokescreen ‘designed’ to draw the heat away from real issues of child abuse and failures within the child protection system. The theory goes that the case was deliberately built up for the whole purpose of being knocked down and publically discredited, as it has been.  – A carefully coordinated ‘boy (or rather grown man) who cried wolf’ scenario played out in real time, live, using social media and the press as its stage. The catalyst for this being various press investigations into Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) that were making headway at the time, the aim being to thwart them…

Occam’s razor flicks casually at the throat of this one; per se, it’s a contention which in its entirety is just a little too paranoid for my sensibilities. But objectively it’s a possibility I can’t completely dismiss or argue away with quite the ease I’d like… 

I can tell you with some surety that the realms of conspiracy theory are infested with those who seek to hide the truth in plain sight, and make fortunes for themselves in the process. ‘Operation Mockingbird’ seems to be alive and well, at least in some subset. And I think it a very strong probability that there will be those in the pay of certain authorities whose role it is to discredit the work of individuals outside an ‘accepted and approved media’.  

You will carefully note at this point I’ve avoided using the term ‘mainstream media’ here... 

I do so for the simple reason that much of the so-called ‘alternative media’ is, in my experience, just as much concerned with the spread of disinformation as the worst propaganda sheet. ‘Mockingbird Lane’, as I have labelled it, is a quaint, very British ‘virtual place’ in where the truth is parked safely with ‘Looney-Toons’ tales of mystery, intrigue, space aliens and shape-shifting lizards.  It’s not-exactly the sophisticated cold war CIA operation of old, but then it’s not exactly harmless either.

Ridiculous as it’s made to sound, much of what professional conspiracy theorists tell you is perfectly true and deeply disturbing; but how are the public to separate the truth from the sort of fairy-tale rubbish that would better fit a Harry Potter book with which this kind admix reality?  The short answer is they are never meant to!  The whole raison d'ĂȘtre of many of these individuals (apart from lining their own pockets) is to establish disturbing parts of the truth in the public perception as just the ranting of madmen – these boys cry ‘wolf’ long and loud. By this means the most heinous atrocities against the public good can be carried out in plain sight.  Make no mistake, these people are very much of the establishment, well-funded and flameproof. Their message carefully orchestrated and metered.  

Some commentators have noted that the timing of the Hollie Greig case seemed to be set as a distraction from enquiries into the Dunblane massacre and the subsequent travesty that was the investigation into it. It’s not an ill-founded observation and it’s notable that the main source of interference in the Hollie Greig case – Greg Lance-Watkins – had also tried to inveigle himself into independent investigations of that horror. Watkins even had the temerity to seek partial credit for another author’s work and published the entire text of it on his blog. 

As a man who boasted of both his own past firearms conviction and a scheme he once had to murder his old headmaster, his involvement in such things is chilling… 

However, pressing as Dunblane was I don’t think it the target. I can also now tell you that the Hollie Greig case first appeared on my radar about the same time I became aware of research that would eventually lead to the Savile exposĂ©. I don’t consider the timing to be coincidence and I am very pleased to see the Hollie case did not impact on or deflect from the purpose of that good work in any way.  

But you will not be surprised to learn that there are other journalists out there researching other related matters. And that the Hollie Greig case has in some cases been an unwelcome distraction…  Simply mention the name ‘Hollie Greig’ in conversation during any line of enquiry – no matter how cogent – and that line of questioning will be shut down on the assumption that the enquirer is just another conspiracy-theory fuelled madman… 

Paedophiles throughout Europe are currently well served by the fact that any line of enquiry that directs through the Hollie Grieg case is now rendered ‘dubious’.  So, perhaps there is something in this ‘conspiracy within a conspiracy theory’ notion? The Hollie Greig case certainly hampers investigation of certain groves where the strange fruits of child abuse flourish. 

And that really isn’t good!