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What have they got to hide?

Saturday, 31 October 2015

21. Mark McGivern finally picks up the baton...

As first highlighted publically on this blog, some weeks ago, Gill Mitchell MBE  is, in my opinion - and, it seems that of many others - just as guilty as her husband Hugh "Mitch" Mitchell.

It's not often I simply reference an article from elsewhere. But I am delighted today to direct you to Mirror journalist Mark McGivern's piece on Paedo's Moll, Gill Mitchell MBE...

I do hope Mr McGivern sticks with the story and develops an eye for detail in terms of ensuring that the wife of this pervert - and former army intelligence operative - is brought to account for her behaviour protecting the freak. - It now emerges that, not only was Mitchell removed from his job for letching at young girls as far back as 1996. Not only were concerns raised about him - by me - with the Police in 1998. But in that same year Mitchell, and his wife, were confronted by the Father of one of his victims!

I feel it was a mis-judgement on the man's part not to go to the Police; through fully understandable; as he was trying to protect his girls from further trauma. - But what was Gill Mitchell's excuse in '98?  Fired from his School Job... Fired from the RSL project for similar reasons...  - And in 2005 when she found the pornography he had authored? She hid it!

I say there is NO excuse! NO excuse to give shelter to a pervert...

And here is something practical YOU can do TODAY to take a REAL stand against child abuse...

Honours can be taken away from people who have done something to damage the honours system’s reputation. Taking an honour away is called ‘forfeiture’.
For example, someone’s honour can be taken away if they are:
  • sentenced to prison for at least 3 months for a criminal offence
  • censured or struck off by a professional or regulatory body for something directly relevant to their honour (eg a doctor being struck off)
Other reasons for forfeiture can also be considered.

Forfeiture: what happens

The Honours Forfeiture Committee considers the case. Their discussions are confidential. If the committee recommends an honour is withdrawn, the decision is sent to the Queen by the Prime Minister. The Queen decides if the honour should be forfeited.If someone’s honour is forfeited it’s published in the London Gazette.

Please take the time to read what I have written about High Mitchell in this blog. Please research the case for yourself through the reports now emerging in the mainstream press.  And please consider supporting his victims by seeing to it that the woman who protected him for decades is properly stripped of her MBE...

I will stress here that individual correspondence from citizens of any part of the UK will carry far more weight than any hysterical campaign or petition; for each of you is entitled to a response. 

Bear in mind that when Gill Mitchell stood in front of the Prince of Wales and accepted that honour for services to a children's charity, she knew damned bloody well the man she shared a name  and a home with was a predatory paedophile who had destroyed the lives of children... In fact she had some several years before that gone out of her way to hide peadophillic pornography he had authored. - She only handed that material in at the eleventh hour, after he was arrested and his conviction inevitable. 

"As much a victim as anyone" as one of her relatives is reported to have said? No! Every bit as guilty as her husband. - A man who twenty years ago was ousted from his job in a West Lothian School for letching at little girls. And a man who the police were - to MY certain knowledge - alerted to back in 1998 as a possible risk to children!  - She brings humanity into disrepute let alone the honours system!

YOU can write today to The Forfeiture Committee at:

The Honours Forfeiture Committee
The Cabinet Office 
70 Whitehall


And YOU, personally,  can lodge a formal complaint as to the conduct of Mrs Gillian Barbara Mitchell MBE of Churchill Way Kirknewton, EH27 8AW - Pointing out that her conduct in shielding her paedophile husband disgraces the honours system, and asking that she be stripped of her MBE.

It IS far better to do these things by post - preferably recorded delivery...  But you may also lodge your complaints by Email to:

So. Are YOU going to sit on your hands and do nothing when you have an opportunity to make a small contribution to the ending of paedophillia?  Especially that which is tacitly endorsed by the establishment?