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What have they got to hide?

Sunday, 1 November 2015

22. The men who cry "wolf".

Apparently, the convicted drugs-offender, who is deemed by the law to present such a moral danger to his own offspring that he is banned from seeing them, still imagines my agenda is the same as his... To gain attention and celebrity and/or deflect from matters affecting my own circumstances. He is wrong.

It is now some weeks since I drew attention to the matter of Hugh Mitchell, former colleague and a sex abuser; suspicions about which I first voiced to the police back in 1998. Once I became aware the police were finally making a move, it became necessary to butt-out completely and let them get on with the job. Only after he pled guilty in the 25th of September 2015 was it legally possible to comment on the case, due to the fact that it was, until then, 'active'.
Loudmouth, self-proclaimed paedophillia 'expert' Malcolm Konrad Ogilvy,  seems to spend every waking hour combing the internet for stories about child abuse.  And is always sure to re-post material; especially when he can use it to further his own sectarian-politico ends.  But, when the case of ex-army intelligence officer and Mason Hugh Mitchell was published Ogilvy fell unusually silent on the matter! And when he was eventually embarassed into publishing an account of this shocking case (which I think will eventually emerge as arguably one of Scotland's worst paedophillia cases) it was one which sought to deflect from his Masonic brother Mitchell's location and his wife - Gill Mitchell MBE's - part in shielding him. 

For clarity I've been told by several individuals locally that they too had ensured Ogilvy was made aware of the case...  Some being quite persistent. There's no serious doubt he knew all about it...

The mainstream media was also not-surprisingly 'coy' about to conviction of this well-connected pervert. Almost a month after Mitchell's conviction - when he was sentenced - we were served up a version of the truth by outlets such as the BBC which, like Ogilvy's tripe, really rather served to distort the reality of the case...  Unacceptably, tacitly promoting the myth that Gill Mitchell MBE was some sort of heroine who had precipitated the conviction of her paedophile husband. - When in fact the very opposite is true.

It's now over a week since Mark McGivern was called out - publically in published comments to his report on Mitchell's sentencing - on his silence on the matter of Gill Mitchell's part in protecting the Kirknewton Nonce. And some time since, in my original piece, I raised complaint about the 'kid gloves' treatment Mitchell's case was receiving in the mainstream press...

To his credit, McGivern took the hint, picked up the baton and ran with it...  And is the first reporter with a national newspaper to do so. 

And, again for clarity, had he asked me to comment (he didn't - a fact about which I am untroubled) I would have insisted in anonymity. - You see it matters not to me who picks this or any other child abuse case up, so long as the truth emerges and justice is served... I don't need the money, I don't seek the attention and I have nothing to sell... I'm in a position where I don't have have to worry about where my next job is coming from; unlike many of my colleagues - I've no fleas biting my back...

More importantly, and unlike the shill Ogilvy, I don't have matters in my background I might seek to deflect attention from...  Such as a long,criminal history of drug abuse or court orders set to protect children against what amounts, by any reasonable measure, to sexual abuse!

I simply want to see the scum - and its apologists - brought to book. - It's just THAT simple. And I care not how long it takes, or how much it costs me either.

Ogilvy also attacks the website, Victims Against Hoaxes which seems to have focussed on debunking the 'McKenzie-Gerrish group' scams which have done so much damage to genuine grass-roots resistance to establishment-endorsed paedophillia.   

Whilst I certainly do not agree with their assessment of the Hollie Greig case as a fabrication in its entirety (in fact I judge this conclusion as suspicious as the hoax that washed the grain of truth away) - I believe it is entirely reasonable to question the 'boys who cry wolf'. But  VAH seems to be defunct, and something of a flash in the pan anyway.  - Why does Ogilvy feel so 'threatened' by it?  

Of course, towards the point where it 'ran out of steam', VAH contributed much to debunking and discrediting the 'master scammer' Belinda McKenzie; infamous MI5 Landlady and pay-mistress to many a sideshow act; including the hapless Robert Green.  VAH has also - quite righly - tilted at the slick, leading establishment-shill and con-artist Brian Gerrish; and of course their various and numerous sidekicks...

VAH poses (for instance) the question: "where was Belinda, Sabine, Gerrish and Poulton when a real cover up happened"?  - And an entirely reasonable question that is too; one that would offer no 'threat' to anyone but for the fact it promised to bring the whole circus tent down...  Ogilvy emerges here as a clown flapping about under the collapsed canvas!

Similarly, where are the Ickes, McKenzies and Gerrishes of this world on the Mitchell case?
  • Ex-Military Intelligence;
  • Boasted of his Masonic links;
  • Boasted of his political 'connections';
  • Boasted of being 'flameproof';
  • His wife - who covered for him - inexplicably 'honoured' by the establisment;
  • Sacked from a school job in the mid-90s for letching at little girls;
  • Reported to the Police in 1998 - apparently not investigated;
  • Confronted in the same year by an angry Father.
A 'classic' case of an establishment-minion who for at least around two-decades was one of those 'special', 'protected people' that no ordinary copper could touch.  His wife 'specially rewarded' for 'special services'... And when he was finally gaoled, the establishment press start working to water down the flames and contain the smoke...

Odd that none of the 'great campaigners' were on his case, and odd that they're not drilling in to investigate those clear - easily checked - establishment connections to see where they might lead...  Who was Mitch Mitchell writing his 'dirty books' and making his paedo-porn videos for? -  Who was distributing them? Who was buying them?  

I find it interesting that the 'big dogs' of the conspiracy circuit seem completely disinterested in this case and others like it... 

Those who work hard to propogate the myth the grass-roots concern over paedophillia in our communities is just the ranting of conspiracy theorists and 'mad people'...  How well the fruits of their labour serve the Dan Foggos, Eilish Angiolinis and Anne Widdicombes of this world. How much safer they make the world for sexual predators such as Hugh Mitchell.  How much easier they make it to ignore the concerns of the public.

It's hard to see how abuse victims are in any way "helped" by making it more likely those raising the alarm about predators in our midst are taken less seriously...   And it's hard to see how being one of the voices raised in at least three now proven and convicted cases 'doesn't help' victims.

It's hard to see how the grifters and con-artists who have sought to add to their own fat coffers through exploiting tragic cases such as Hollie Greig's help anyone but themselves... 

Of those who the courts have found 'wanting'; and seek to distort and deflect from the fact that they themselves are evidenced as child abusers, drug addicts and otherwise the lowest form of criminal scum that walks the earth... It's hard to see how genuine victims are helped by low-life sewage like them trying to wiggle off the hook; or otherwise trying to sate themselves by projecting the sad, unproductive consequences of failure that define themselves, onto others...

Taking a stand against child abuse requires action... And by that I don't mean weaving a collection of unfounded tripe into grotesque meld where "Fifty Shades of Grey" meets "Harry Potter".  It's not about the 'glory' or the 'fame'... It's not a Spoonbill Generator style game... Not about being a hero to a few siloed nutjobs and grifters...  

It's about lighting the blue touchpaper that sees another pervert put where they belong. Then withdrawing into the darkness to prepare one's next match... Seeking no attention or glory nor even credit; it should be enough to do the right thing.

Buntin, Dickson, Ogilvy, Willis... Another web-footed 'musical' member of the Mitchell clan... and several others who know who they are...  Pack your stinking bags, put your affairs in order, wait for the knock. Your cell is currently being prepared.