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And, importantly, unlike others, this blog is not purposed to distract attention away from the Hollie Grieg case or obfuscate the issues surrounding child sexual abuse generally...

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My only interest is in the truth of the case, and seeing those who abuse children brought to justice through the courts. And that does seem to scare certain people - mainly criminals and perverts - out of their wits...

What have they got to hide?

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

26. A question for all readers...

I deliberately held-off this post until after the result of the 'Brexit' referendum... 

A result that, for the record, as a Scottish nationalist (note the small 'n' - it's important!), I personally view as positive.  Contrary to what some may like to imagine I do not favour replacing one parcel of rogues with another!  - I  do not endorse the globalist agenda; I view it as sinister... And largely responsible for parts of my country being  laid a post-industrial wasteland where the victims are those that might once have filled the factories, mines, steelworks and shipyards that our politicians - especially the SNP - sold and continue down the river for a handful of magic beans and a few wampum beads...

I mention this solely because of what the perverts and pervert-apologists would like to pin on me...  No, I'm not an 'SNP shill' or am I pro-EU. Curious politics?  - I despise politics and politicians...

 - Not that it really matters...

In my last post I reflected upon and made mention of Greg Lance Watkins  hailing the murder of Anna Lindh as the act of a "patriot" and how he called upon other anti-euro campaigners to be prepared to take similar action against government figures here...  I could not know at that point what tragic events were about to unfold.

Truly, you would have to have quite a sick mind to align yourself with lowlife  that thinks it a good thing that a middle-aged woman is killed as she goes about her lawful business.  I certainly could not predict that one of his apparent disciples would actually carry out his wishes and repeat this vile act...

And that lead me to think more about what sort of sicko does draw alongside lowlife like Greg Lance-Watkins?  And what of the rest of the raggle-taggle bunch of weirdos who are so bloody desperate to shut me up? 

So, I have a fairly long list of questions I'd like every reader to answer for themselves...

Have you ever …

  •  Boasted of the primary school you attended – in a manner designed to mislead the casual reader into thinking you attended Cambridge university?
  • Been convicted of drug offences?
  • Been convicted of possession of a HIGHLY illegal firearm?
  • Been convicted of possessing a type of ammunition for that firearm that is banned under the Geneva Convention?
  • Used the terrorist-favoured technique of breaking your illegal weapons down into parts then hiding those parts across several buildings?
  • Been convicted of raping a number of young girls, some not even past their first decade of life?
  • Run a scam 'employment project' ostensibly intended to relieve poverty in one of the most deprived areas of an inner city – then embezzled the various grants and loans received?
  • Been convicted of beating up a disabled man with an mental age of around seven in the street because he mocked the ridiculous 'top hat and cane' outfit you were wearing?
  •  Gone bankrupt because you were too stupid to realise your business partner was a con-man who held all the assets while you held all the debts?
  • Failed as a husband/wife/father/mother because your former partner felt you simply weren't safe to be around your own kids?
  • Subsequently been banned by the authorities from contact with your own child because you were deemed a such a serious danger to them?
  •  Coached a very young child into repeating a lurid sexual fantasy of your own creation then recorded that performance on a mobile phone?
  • Done time in Jail?
  •  Been bankrolled in middle-age, by an elderly parent (after a lifetime of bumming around and non-achievement) in a property and business which you then allowed to dilapidate into a slum and go into financial freefall while you pursued the creation of various childish, self-aggrandising fantasies?
  •  Run a business into the ground to the point where it was half-boarded up and not trading…  Then tried bizarrely to project the blame for that failure onto the local council for having upgraded the local high street and promoted the town?
  • Expressed delight at the fatal stabbing of an innocent and perfectly respectable  middle-aged woman as she shopped for clothes in a high street store?
  • Defamed a perfectly respectable  headmaster and war-hero by falsely claiming he spanked you in a sexualised way?
  • Boasted that of effectively walking in the shoes of Dunblane monster Thomas Hamilton by visiting your former school with the intention of murdering your former headmaster?
  •  Having indulged in a chilling pre-echo of the Dunblane massacre (according to your own boasts) since then publically obsessed over that tragic event? 
  • Trawled enthusiastically in an online blog (or other media) through the deeply-personal and minute detail of the alleged sexual abuse of a disabled child? Or put another way, written up what amounts to textual pornography along those lines…
  • Baselessly stalked a Cheshire solicitor and harassed the man at his house?
  •  Baselessly accused a judge of being a sexual deviant?
  •  Stalked the Lord Advocate at her home?
  •  Baselessly accused your child's grandparent of being a paedophile out of spite – because the authorities had barred YOU from seeing your child due to the danger you presented to them?
  • Deliberately misrepresented documents and facts – even after you have been publically debunked with written evidence and checkable references – in order to  promote a money-making/politically motivated hoax?
  •  Been implicated in a £75M charity scam and subsequent 'torching' of the paperwork to avoid prosecution?
  • Subsequently been implicated in dodgy scam after dodgy scam?
  • Fed small children on dope?
  •  Stalked a teenage university student, causing her to fear for her safety?
  • Traded in extreme pornography?
  •  Been a drug dealer?
  •  Stolen a van or other motor vehicle?
  •  Robbed a house?
  •  Mugged anyone?
  • Run a charity recycling scam?
  • Indulged in the 'swinging' scene?
  • Been involved in the making of an underground  pornographic film or video?
  • Been a Soho stripper?
  •  Been convicted of fraud?
  •  Hidden textual child-pornography in your office at a children's charity on behalf of your sexually-deviant partner whose predilection for young girls you had known about for decades? 

No? Me neither… We all make mistakes in life of course… Nobody's perfect!  But compare and contrast that list above with the range of things any sane person living a reasonably normal life might get wrong 

Yet that is a list of the things that can be proved about various individuals on either side of the Hollie Greig hoax and who have involved themselves in various other conspiracy-based scams that I have looked into at various times. These people are strange bedfellows only in the sense that they're all very strange individuals!

Exemplary of this is the grotesque, shambling, urine-stinking figure of Greg Lance-Watkins for instance; an individual who is responsible for several of the items on that list…    He is the very man who welcomed the killing of Anna Lindh. He is the very man who publically declared the hope that a statue would be erected to the Briton who might carry out a similar act at some point in the future…

I say then that the opinion that Greg Lance Watkins incited the Murder of Jo Cox is an entirely reasonable one. - For who but a madman could endorse murder as he so surely did?

Now... No doubt the snivelling wimp will try to distance himself from his vile comments; the spineless, lying arsehole has tried to do so before... But that IS what the scumbag said... And it's not the worst of what this corpulent waster has come out with in his attempts at attention-seeking and self-aggrandisement.

I have no hesitation in expressing the opinion that Greg Lance-Watkins has at least a few splashes of Jo Cox's blood on his already filth-stained hands.  


Each and every one of those items in the list above is an example of gross criminality and/or perversion and/or failure.  What is more, each of those things can be attributed to one or other or more of the very individuals who have been trying to attack my character over these past few years...

It's almost as if I were of some relevance or threat to their continued liberty. They are very keen to suggest I'm a nobody after all, not that I've ever claimed otherwise… 

I say they protest too much… Exposing their own guilt as they go…

Think about that. …

The plain truth is there is not one of these characters who does not emerge as one or a combination of grifter, criminal, violent thug, sexual deviant, drug-addict, fool or common criminal.  Truly, they are the scum that clings to the edges of humanity's sewers! 

Now… As I've pointed out before - unlike others - this blog does not exist to endlessly regurgitate and obfuscate other people's reports of sex crimes.  Where I do unearth information I go firstly to the proper authorities with it. 

Personally, I'd chose not to publish at all if I thought for one moment that publication would impede justice in any way, shape or form…One reason why I publish so very rarely.

This blog isn't about me serving my own interests, bolstering my own ego or attention seeking. Nor will you find it connected in any way, shape or form to any attempt to seek donations or otherwise gain pecuniary advantage… Again; a contrast to others.

Ask yourself why these people are so desperate to aggrandise themselves?  Ask yourself why they're so keen to try and shut me up? 

 - After all, it's not as if I'm all over social media trying to make a name for myself… It's not as if I'm the one seeking donations or flogging books or DVDs off the back of other people's suffering…  Though they often are!

The threat I present is that of exposure to the proper authorities. And, where I find inaction or corruption, of pursuing these matters at the highest levels.  – Only when all proper channels are exhausted do I go public…    

 And even then, it isn't through the sad, infantile channels of 'Fuckwitbook' or 'Twat-er'… 

They do seem quite frightened of this; being called to account through the proper channels…

Watch them squirm, hear them squeal…  Queen Gertrude walks, deflecting and projecting as she goes; little understanding that all she does is consolidate her own guilt. For clarity that means I couldn't give a damn what lies and sad wee stories these deviants fabricate about me; however far they go in that fabrication. 

– Stones from the glasshouse?   You're a fool if you think they trouble me! Who gives a fuck what a load of dirty benders and worthless druggies think?