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What have they got to hide?

Saturday, 6 August 2016

For the record... 06/08/16 - The Hoaxtead Research Blog.

Postscript...  December 9th 2017.

The original post below - made on the 6th of august 2016 - stands unaltered. And yet it seems that there are still those out there who 'don't get it', and 'enjoy' the shared Fregoli delusion that I am 'all over' the Hoaxtead blog (and other places) posting under various names. - And it's not just the deranged drug addict Malcolm Konrad Ogilvy who is so involved.

So let me be clear - Hoaxtead Research, in my opinion, is simply one side of an 'online bitchfight' between warring factions of infantilised idiots.- It's very much a part of the mechanism of hoaxing. - There's no show without Punch, as the old saying goes.

I will admit that, at first, I took Hoaxtead Research at face value, assuming ot to be a genuine stand against hoaxing. But, the plain fact is that, after the threat one of its admins issued to me just over two years ago (duly reported to the police etc.) my position on that blog became one where I viewed it as complimenting, rather than opposing hoaxing activity. 

For clarity... It was threatened by that person that they would go to the Police with the fabricated complaint that I had issued a rape threat to them.  - A disgusting notion that could only come from the mind of a pervert.  - So, I'm afraid it's nonsense for them to be claiming that they've 'never threatened' anyone; and a matter of police record...  Similarly, the fact that one of their number is quite prepared to fabricate such a thing entirely negates any standing they might have as a reliable source - like the hoaxers, they're obviously quite happy to just make shit up if it suits them.

Having continued to monitor that blog, it is quite apparent that the real reason it exists is to perpetuate and enable what amounts to simply an online bitchfight - and clearly, there is no interest in getting at the wider truth of the (undoubtedly linked) Hollie Greig/Hampstead hoaxes.

As for getting to the centre of the wider, underpinning issues of what has become a cottage industry (i.e. hoaxing for profit)? No, that would spoil the infantilised fun and mutual 'validation they're so very obviously having in that echo chamer they have created!   

A serious subject requires an unerringly serious, mature  approach and this unseemly exhibition is anything but that!

For example, I do feel strongly that its constant pillory of clearly mentally ill people - merely to keep the pot boiling, wallow in in-group mutual admiration and bask in self-aggrandisement - is wholly inappropriate and irresponsible.

Neelu Berry, David Shurter and Deborah Mahmoudieh are three very obvious examples; Google the latter name (for instance) and you will find her main source of publicity is Hoaxtead Research.

If anything ever gives this unfortunate woman the final push 'over the edge' to suicide or worse, to harm others, then it will have been Hoaxtead Research...
To any mature, responsible adult, it should be fairly obvious that all of these people are in need of professional intervention and proper medical support. It strikes me as particularly cruel and actually rather infantile behaviour, to deliberately feed their psychoses simply to keep an 'audience' entertained. 

There is a chilling irony that some of the people behind this nonsense consider themselves to be "professionals" of one sort or another; part of a self-imagined and appointed social-intellectual elite in a position to take it upon themselves to educate others and don mantles to which they have no earned entitlement...

Exactly as Robert Green and others of his kind do...

Hoaxtead Research is, in my view also one of the key reasons why people like Angela Power-Disney, and other members of the caste of crooks and nutjobs that surround her, have the oxygen of publicity...

Who is she? Apart from an old-time, well past her sell-by-date grifter once well known on the London scene; the bland Aryan beauty that was her stock-in-trade long-since faded.

And, in reality, Hoaxtead Research came quite close to actually derailing the prosecution of American sociopath and grifter, Rupert Quaintance, as he was, thanks to Hoaxtead, able to argue (somewhat vacuously as it emerged) in court that his actions had been a reaction to trolling by the Hoaxteaders.

That's on top of the fact he would have been starved of much publicity at all if it weren't for their antics. Don't misinterpret me here. I do not seek to mitigate his actions in the slightest and Rupert Wilson Quaintance remains entirely responsible for his own actions and deserving of the jail time he currently serves. But there is no serious doubt that Hoaxtead Research contributed to the pool in which he swam.

The very valid point has been made that, were it not for the goading of Hoaxteaders, this idiot son of inadequate pedigree is unlikely to have breached these shores at all!

I will be also be candid in saying that I consider Hoaxtead Research to be one of the main reasons why the Hampstead hoax has the persistence it does. Really this matter was 'dead in the water' some two or so years ago. And there are echoes of the Hollie Greig case in this respect. ...Indeed, some of the very same people appear to be involved in perpetuating the myth too!

There is the further point that, as my own experience and that of several others indicates, they're not averse to simply 'making shit up' when it suits them either!

To be clear on this one; a battle requires at least two warring factions and a tide - of nonsense in this case, as before - flows two ways!  

But...  Whatever's going on in that sad little world of theirs, whatever the 'voices' in Mad Malky's angry little head tell him, or whatever drug-fueled delusions anyone else is labouring under...

What goes on at Hoaxtead Research has precisely nothing whatsoever to do with me...  It's not my job to intervene, nor will I give an iota of support or sympathy to anyone posting there - if you get your 'head in your hands' well, I told you so!


 6th August 2016

I note in recent weeks that Malcolm Konrad Ogilvy, desperate as he is, has tried to seed the lie that I am posting there under an assumed name... This is one of Malcolm's more pathetic lies.

So, For the record, no, I don't post on 'Hoaxtead Research' - In fact I'll have absolutely nothing to do with it! You see, I am actually banned from posting on the Hoaxtead Research blog following an incident in which an individual purporting to be (and apparently actually!) one of the blog's authors directly threatened to fabricate false allegations against me . Dirty lies generated by a depraved mind...

Quite apart from the fact I'll have nothing to do with a forum that is openly prepared to fabricate material, I couldn't post there even if I wanted to!  - And yes, they were reported to the Police...

My attention was also drawn to some sarcastic comment one of the authors had put on FaceBook 'thanking' me for the respect I was showing them. I have no idea why, following such a cheap and disgusting stunt, the authors of Hoaxtead Research would expect anything but my contempt. And I couldn't care less if they are 'offended' by my calling them out on the basis of their disgusting behaviour...

In the absence of any explanation or apology or attempt to mitigate themselves - or even distance themselves from the incident - they remain in my eyes no-different from any other fabricators such as Abe Christie, Ella Draper, Sabine McNeill or Belinda McKenzie. They are in my view part of the problem; not the solution.

In fact my strong advice is to have nothing to do with Hoaxtead Research! I am aware of one colleague who does post there regularly and he is aware of my strong disapproval. I know another colleague* posted there for a short time (under more or less his own name) and lived to regret it!!

In my view it's best not to get involved. However, no-one is compelled to take my advice, and people do what they do at their own risk...

Similarly, I will have it noted that throughout the 'Hollie Hoax' and even now there are those who post on various conspiracy theory and political sites using my name. - They are frauds.
So, to be clear about this... You will not find me on Facebook. You will not find me on Twitter nor do I post on David Icke or any other similar site. And anyone who claims otherwise is, I think you will find, probably a criminal and a liar with a particular agenda...The ONLY place I comment publicly on these things is right here... And you will find that is done only rarely.

Truly, they doth protest too much! In fact they go to some extraordinary lengths. - Ask yourself dear reader why they fear a nobody like myself so very very much...

Postscript, 18/11/16.

There is a strict blanket ban on the use of certain 'social media' sites from my offices. You see, I view many of them as disreputable and I want neither to provide them with revenue (in the form of traffic) or be in any way associated with them.

The ban is there because we provide IT services and they include Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) which allows people to work from home. Put simply, what people do as private individuals is up to them - I can't and have no desire to control that, but not on my time not at my place and not using my facilities. 

And certainly not in my name!  

I don't have the SLIGHTEST compunction about telling someone to clear out their desk and/or not renewing their lease or contract on the basis they've breached MY social media policies... 

What I run is a private family business, and it's my family that takes the flack from various creeps, stalkers and criminals. 

Only last week as the vacated workspace of the last guy to breach these policies was being cleaned out, we received a number of crank phone calls.  And it's not so long ago that we had to summon the police to deal with a nutcase who had turned up at one of our premises.  And then there are the online stalkers, some of whom have come up with some fairly extreme fairy stories!

The people I stand against are (variously) child abusers, drug dealers and addicts, charity scammers, right-wing cranks whose antics have inspired murder and cost human lives...  And I stand against the people who would throw a smokescreen up to protect them.  

It's not work that I chose, it's duty that fell into my lap. And I won't shirk or abdicate it - however I won't have the risks exacerbated just because somebody wants to play Heroes on  FuckwitBook.  

And that's why I set such a strict Social Media Policy - if it impacts on you, and you don't like it, you are free to use the front door whenever you choose.